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Get that computer performing again

At Complete Computer Solutions, we understand how vital your computer and electronic devices are to your everyday life and business services. That's why our expert repair technicians offer top-notch computer repair services in Wayne, NJ.

Whether you're facing a computer problem at home or at work, our team is equipped with the skill and experience in computer science to bring ease to your computer issues.

Enhanced Functionality and Protection Plans

Our computer service isn't just about fixing what's broken. We offer protection plans and solutions to enhance the functionality of your computer, laptop, tablet, and even your game console, Samsung device, or Apple device. Trust us for comprehensive technology solutions, including student support services.

Your Trusted Computer Troubleshooters

As your local computer troubleshooters in Wayne, NJ, we specialize in everything from cracked screen repairs to complex data recovery. Don't let a computer problem slow you down. Visit Complete Computer Solutions, your reliable computer repair shop in Wayne, NJ, for all your repair needs.

Reliable Computer Repair in Wayne, New Jersey

All of our technicians are A+ Certified and familiar with the latest technologies. From laptop repairs to Mac or PC repairs, we have got you covered.

The best part about dealing with us is our honesty and integrity. We are looking for happy customers that will come back in the future. We will give you a breakdown of what is wrong with your system and provide an honest price to fix it.

Give us a call and arrange to drop off your system with us.

Mac Repairs

Mac Logic Board repairs, Video or GPU problems, Broken Screens, Booting Issues, liquid damage, Software, Data Recovery etc.

Laptop Repairs

Laptop Logic Board repairs, Video Repairs, Broken Screens, Booting Issues, liquid damage, Software, WiFi, Data Recovery etc.

Desktop Repairs

Desktop Logic Board repairs, Video Repairs, Powering On Issues, No Booting problem, Upgrades, Software, WiFi, Data Recovery etc.

Gaming PC Repairs

Gaming Computer Logic Board repairs, Video on GPU Repairs, Broken Screens, Booting Issues,  Software, WiFi, Data Recovery etc