Email on WebMail

Webmail & Options

To access email from any web browser go to and your user name is your email address (i.e. [email protected] and enter the default password. Once logged in there will be a screen like the one below:
step 0
Here you can change your password, set up forwarding to another account, set an auto responder (i.e. vacation message) or if you click on configure mail client you can automatically set up outlook or outlook express on a Windows PC with the click of a mouse.

Although Intended as backup when you are not at your computer, you can also read email directly here by selecting one of the 3 programs listed – Horde, RoundCube, or SquirrelMail. Each does basically the same thing here, but they look a bit different, you can decide which you are most comfortable with.

WebMail setup is complete!